Version Released

This version will be a relief to our regular updaters as it now includes the ability to 'Check for Updates' and if there are any available, download and install the individual modules. This will speed up delivery to you of bug fix releases as well as new features that you have requested.
The 'Check for Updates' is available from the Start Menu as well as the MyCourts Main program Help menu and the MyCourts Administrator Support section. Because it will install updates as well as download them, you will need to have Administrator privileges to be able to use this function.
There will always be occasions when a full update will be necessary however the new update function can handle these as well.
You can continue to update MyCourts at any time by downloading the current release version from our web site and running that instead of installing individual modules.
Online web service: We have also moved the online web service location from the database directory to the program directory. If you have configured the online service to run under IIS then you will need to make changes to IIS as well. If you use the MyCourts built-in server then no special action is required on your part - but don't forget to restart the service in MyCourts Administrator.
Your support contract must be current in order to be able to receive updates.
If you need to use the Database Administrator tool, please contact us as a new version will be required to access the database.
We continue to respond to your requests for improvements, additions etc so please let us know what you need and we will try to incorporate the function in early course.
EVALUATION KEYS: If you need more time to evaluate these or other updates please send us an email - we will be pleased to send you a key to extend the evaluation period.