Version Released.

Version has now been released and includes a number of improvements requested by our users as well as all known outstanding issues and bug fixes.
We have revisited the code behind accessing the database particularly where MyCourts is networked and have both speeded up processing as well as assisted with avoiding clashes. Network Administrators should note that the database engine relies heavily on the operating systems sharing capabilities to manage access. Therefore, the database should not be accessed directly by MyCourts if used on the physical database server. If MyCourts is to be used on the server machine, the database itself should also be accessed via the shared directory and not the physical directory.
IMPORTANT: We have also moved the local machines configurable setup options (printer, tooltip display etc) to the MyCourts Main Program. Immediately after upgrading MyCourts to Version you must check that the upgrade process has correctly copied these settings for you. From the Main window, select Tools -> Setup for details.
In multi-use networked situations, the facility pages are now correctly updated when a change is made via another instance of MyCourts.
Receipts are now being correctly printed from each workstation. Please see the note above and make sure the printer for that instance of MyCourts is properly selected.
Recurring bookings can now be recorded where the recurring booking's last booking period immediately preceeds the next occupied booking period.
It is important that you note the following before attempting to upgrade:
MyCourts Version 8 has a new database engine and therefore you cannot update Version 7 installations of MyCourts without first obtaining a converted database. Please contact us for instructions. Please also check in the About section of Help to make sure your support contract has not expired.
We continue to respond to your requests for improvements, additions etc so please let us know what you need and we will try to incorporate the function in early course.
EVALUATION KEYS: If you need more time to evaluate these or other updates please send us an email - we will be pleased to send you a key to extend the evaluation period.