MyCourts V8.4 Released

Version has now been released and includes a number of improvements requested by our users as well as all known outstanding issues and bug fixes.
The list of changes and improvements is again a lengthy one and thanks to all those users that have bought these issues to our attention.
  • Added a new Member Reservations Policy function to MyCourts Administrator that allows you to restrict/allow your members to make a maximum number of bookings per any given period, number of days before a booking, minimum number of players etc. This function is in addition to any other restrictions or conditions imposed elsewhere in MyCourts and is checked for compliance first. It is disabled by default.
  • Added the ability for members to select both the language and theme for the online web bookings system. Both these settings are set and retained for each member via cookies.
  • You can now toggle the display of the code number for all languages in MyCourts Administrator which makes the changing of the default text displayed by MyCourts much simpler. See MyCourts Administrator - Languages.
  • Reverted the 'Last Booking Starts Time' to the 'Last Booking Finishes' time. MyCourts will now allow bookings to be made up to this period.
  • Added an option to ignore the 'Last Booking Period' when calculating when the last booking must finish. This is particularly useful for centers open 24 hours per day.
  • The 'Last Booking Period' can now be set to occur the next day allowing for bookings to be made or extend after midnight.
  • The booking schedules now extend from the opening to closing times which may not occur on the same day.
  • Fixed an issue with Normal and Peak Rate hire periods so that MyCourts now correctly records them in the Transactions table.
  • Member Account refunds charged/reversed to accounts are now recorded in the Day Sheet.
  • Added Items Sold Details Table to the Accounting - Financial Details section allowing you to quickly view sales details for any item for any selected period.
  • Fixed error when Member Accounts outstanding balance or available credit calculation was made by MyCourts.
  • Fixed several other minor bugs.

We continue to respond to your requests for improvements, additions etc so please let us know what you need and we will try to incorporate the function in early course.