MyCourts V8.3.1.0 Released

Of importance to users operating MyCourts over LAN's and on more than one computer is the substantial improvement in performance when it comes to recording and deleting reservations. You can expect to see a speed increase of over 50%!! We will be examining all MyCourts code over coming weeks to ensure it is optimized as much as possible.
The list of changes and improvements is a lengthy one and thanks to all those users that have bought these issues to our attention.
  • Optimzed code for recording and deleting reservations.
  • Fixed error generated when trying to record a casual hirer with more than 20 characters in their first and last names.
  • Added toggle to check and delete all timeslots previously booked - affects users who have changed the default length of a booking period.
  • Added option to display the hirer's name in the Offline Web resevation pages.
  • Added ability to display customized messages to the Online Web Events pages.
  • Added the ability to limit the legth of a reservation via the Main, Online as well as Offfline booking screens. Also added toggle to allow staff to override this limit.
  • The Online Web Service is now properly configured when installing MyCourts on the Vista and Win7 Operating Systems where those computers operating systems were not upgraded from Win XP.
  • Fixed the POS Scanner so that it now adds inventory items to the POS window.
  • Added ability to deduct inventory items from the POS window using the scanner - hold down the CTRL key when scanning.
  • Added the hirers name as well as re-cast the format of the POS Printer Receipt.
  • Fixed error when Member Accounts statements display was selected.
  • Added ability to re-print any receipt directly from the Accounting -> Sales Details window.
  • Member Account data can now be printed or exported from MCA.
  • Form and Menu states (buttons etc) customization is now persisted/retained between sessions.
  • Added ability to reload customized reports from the MyCourts Reports main window.
  • Added default header and footer text to some tables when printed/exported. We will add more progressively.
  • Fixed several other minor bugs.
It is important that you note the following before attempting to upgrade:

MyCourts Version 8 has a new database engine and therefore you cannot update Version 7 installations of MyCourts without first obtaining a converted database. Please contact us for instructions.