MyCourts Licencing Moves to a Subscription Basis

Effective today, 1st October 2019, MyCourts licensing will be based on a recurring Subscription Basis. The subscription amount to be paid will be based on the number of facilities that your Organisation wishes to manage via MyCourts. All the current features of MyCourts will remain however you will only be able to use MyCourts whilst your subscription remains current and paid up-to-date.

We have moved to a Subscription based licencing model in an effort to spread the cost-of-ownership over a greater period of time as well a to ensure you always have the latest secure software installed and available to your members or clients.

We have endeavoured to maintain the Subscription rates similar to the previous licence rates and you can view these Subscription Rates on our main web site now. These subscriptions are payable quarterly in advance and will be managed by our partners, Fastspring.

Current Licence Owners
MyCourts was previously available by purchasing a Perpetual Licence that initially included free Technical Support for 12 months. That Support was then renewable on an annual basis. This meant that for a one-time up-front payment, MyCourts could be used forever without any further payment. Many organisations have taken advantage of those generous pricing arrangements and continue to do so. Organisations will be able to continue forever to use their current licence arrangements however once their current Support Contract expires, they will need to either move to the Subscription Licence or pay separately for MyCourts Support on an instance by instance basis.