Version 10.5 Released

Membership Renewal Fees

We have added the ability to both monitor and collect periodic membership fees. Many Clubs will have annual membership fees whilst others may have periodic membership fees. MyCourts now supports either method. You can also now configure MyCourts to automatically send a reminder email x days before it's due or you can send an email at any time manually. In addition, you can change and save the email text whenever you like.

You can also configure MyCourts Online Web Service to collect the fee via Credit Card, PayPal or debiting the members account.

In view of this change, we have added a separate window
in MyCourts Administrator for configuring Membership.

Club Email Address

To send emails from MyCourts, we need an email address to use so we have added an email address section to the Club Details window in MyCourts Administrator. You can use whatever email address you are currently using to send out emails as MyCourts will not login and pickup email sent to this address. Note that this is completly separate to the internal MyCourts email address used for the Offline Web Service.

MyCourts Online Web Service : Credit Cards / PayPal

We have added the ability to allow members to pay for previously unpaid reservations, pay into their members account, as well as renew their membership. If you currently accept credit cards over-the-counter, you can now provide the convenience of online payments with a minimum of fuss. MyCourts is pre-configured to use gateways from all over the world so there is no reason why you can't increase productivity and contain costs by incorporating the online service. Australian users can contact us and we can organse the gateway and if necessary the Credit Card Account with a minimum of fuss and just a few mouse clicks on your part. International users will also find the setup process easy and we will guide you through the process if you need additional help.

In line with this new facility, online users will now be presented with a receipt for their reservation after payment has been processed.

Peak Rates

We have changed the method of recording Peak Rate periods. This is especially important to clubs that have the good fortune to have peak rates that extend past midnight.

It is now necessary to record the Peak Rate period for each day. That means if you have peak rates that extend from say 7:00 pm to 1:00 am the next morning you will need to record the Peak Rate to apply from 19:00 to 23:59 and again on the next day from 00:00 to 00:59.

All the above changes come with complete flexibility and are configured using MyCourts Administrator.