MyCourts Version 8.8 Release

A major new feature introduced in the latest version of MyCourts is the ability to send SMS Text Messages. Once you have signed up with a suitable SMS Gateway provider you will be able to send instant text messages to members from the Membership window and if you have access to MyCourts Administrator - just about anyone. In early course we will be adding automatic SMS Text messaging (as well as emails) to remind hirers of a reservation - this should help reduce no-shows plus allow you to re-book potential unused facilities. We will also be adding the ability to send mass text/email messages in due course.
Adding SMS Text messaging has also facilitated the addition of a new selection criteria in the phone numbers recorded in the Membership window. You will need to specify which phone number is SMS enabled as well as enable SMS messaging for each individual member.
While we were working on the Membership window we also added the ability to record the member's gender. This is becoming increasingly important for identification purposes as people assume names that no longer necessarily reflect their gender.
Recognising that not everyone pays their bills for various reasons, we have added the ability to write-off outstanding debts from the Member's window - Reservations/Sales.
It is now possible to limit the sales for inclusion in the Day Sheet according to the specific cash draw attached to a MyCourts terminal. Ideal for cash balancing if you have more than one MyCourts terminal.
MyCourts previously saved the current state (or view) of various windows however this caused some confusion particularly when changes to data were not saved before the window was closed. This can be very handy to 'power users' so we have now made this an option. The default is disabled.
We were requested to add German to our selection of available languages and that option has now been included.
Online users can now view all their outstanding reservations as well as reservation history. Online users can now also cancel a reservation.
We have also added the ability to print (or export) Courses and Events attendance lists.
The following matters have now been resolved:
  • Stock Control Management - views fixed
  • Offline web service - fixed ftp errors
  • POS Window - optimized window loading time
  • Duplicate Bookings - re-wrote code to detect when a booking already exists and report it via the Enter New Booking window.
  • Check for Updates issues.
Please don't hesitate to contact us with your specific requirements and we will try our best to introduce them in early course.