Export Data in various formats

The Accounting and MyCourts Administrator grids provide all the necessary data access for you to preview and export data to your accounting package. In addition, you can add your own account and stock codes making it easier to match your accounting packages codes with the equivalent MyCourts account codes.

You should first ascertain what data you actually need and this will of course depend on your individual requirements. If you need to import data into an accounting package then you should first ascertain what data the accounting package needs and it's format. You also need to know whether you need details of each individual item or transaction or whether totals for each category will suffice.

The following example details how to obtain information in relation to each financial transaction (sales, purchases etc) that have taken place in MyCourts.

First of all select the table/grid you desire :

You will notice we have already included AC Codes for each of these Accounts. These AC Codes are the same codes used in your Accounting Package.

Then click on Print and the Print Preview window will open:

There are many options available to you however we have selected the drop down arrow for the Export Document icon and you can see we have chosen, in this case, XLS File. Most users of accounting packages will be used to using Excel and will feel comfortable using Excel as the source document to import data into their accounting package. However, you can also import the data into your accounting package directly with a CSV File.

When you select the Export Format you will be able to configure the format of that exported data. For example, if your accounting package requires commas as the text delimiter in a CSV file you can just accept the default:

Depending on the choice of export you made, you will then be asked to save the CSV file, open the Excel document etc as applicable.

The following is an example of the Excel file generated by MyCourts:

The ability to export data in CSV format or to Excel, PDF etc is available in most grids or tables.

We do not provide instructions for individual accounting packages however you will find instructions on the format of the data that your accounting package requires in the relative manual or help pages of the accounting package concerned. Once you have exported the data from MyCourts, follow your accounting package's instructions on how to import that data.