MyCourts Real Time Support

During your Trial Period and whilst you have a current subscription in place, MyCourts Support will most likely be provided in real time. This is achieved using Connect Wise Control. Once you have installed the MyCourts Support package we will be able to logon in real time and operate your computer as if we were sitting at your own console. If you leave the program installed, we will also be able to monitor your computer/MyCourts and provide support automatically whenever a problem is reported to us by MyCourts itself.

You are not however automatically entitled to this level of support. You or your staff should not expect us to login and configure MyCourts nor setup PayPal or any other function other than ensuring MyCourts works as advertised. If there is an issue with MyCourts, we are happy to login and investigate the issue as well as fix it. It is up to your own staff to maintain/configure MyCourts which is not normally an onerous task. If your staff are not for whatever reason able/willing to carry out those functions then we will be happy to quote a fee for doing specific and mutually agreed work on your behalf.
Once the program is installed, it will run continuously in the background even after re-booting. You will need to consider both the Security and Privacy concerns you or your business may have with giving us this level of access. In essence we will be able to monitor your machine 24/7.
If you wish to uninstall the MyCourts Support program at any time, just uninstall it from Add/Remove programs shortcut.