Troubleshooting: Users unable to logon.

MyCourts contains measures to assist members overcome "problems" logging on and by advising them via email as to why they can't log on.
Primarily, if MyCourts can ascertain the details of the user that has failed to logon, MyCourts will send an email to your member telling them why their logon failed. The specific issue will be detailed in the message which will be one or more of the following:
  • Incorrect password,
  • Incorrect UserName,
  • Account is marked InActive.
  • Email address has not been confirmed.
A copy of this email will also be sent to the MyCourts Administrator. What your end user and you do to fix the end user's error is up to you.
All well and good but of course you need to ensure that when an end user contacts you, you enquire as to what the email said and have they tried again with the corrected information. Besides the obvious actions that can be taken by yourself, you should note the following:
If the end user says they never received the email then:
  • their email address on your records is incorrect or
  • you have not properly configured MyCourts own email account.
The end user may advise that they never tried to login. This may require further investigation on your part but please refer to this KB Article first.