AVG Enhanced Firewall Requirements

Unfortunately, AVG will not allow us to programmatically configure AVG's Enhanced Firewall to allow a program to access TCP ports. MyCourts will configure your Windows Firewall for you at time of installation however in view of the above, and as AVG Enhanced Firewall over-rides Windows Firewall settings you will need to manually configure AVG's Enhanced Firewall.

Step 1:

Open the AVG Window and click on Menu and then Settings:
Step 1

Step 2:

Click on Components and then scroll down the components list to Enhanced Firewall and then click Customize:
Step 2

Step 3:

Scroll the window down and click on Packet Rules:

Step 3

Step 4:

You need to add a rule using the details in the following image. You should use the same rule Name (MyCourts In/Out) and settings noting that the Direction is In/Out and the Local port numbers are 38721 and 38024.

Once you have completed the Rule you must move it up to the top position in the list. This is very important as there are other rules that block your new rule and they cannot be removed or amended. Your new rule will gain precedence over the blocking rule further down in the list.

Step 4

Finally, click OK and exit the AVG Console.