Cannot Uninstall or Install MyCourts

There may be occasions when you will be asked by the MyCourts Installer program to uninstall MyCourts manually by using Control Panel - Add / Remove programs. This issue is rare and can occur when the original installation details recorded in the Windows Registry becomes corrupted. Normally, running the Uninstall option in Control Panel will do the trick and uninstall MyCourts in preparation for the upgrade. Sometimes however, even that option won't work.

To overcome the issue, Microsoft have created a neat program that fixes the windows registry for you and will uninstall MyCourts without fuss. Please follow the following instructions:

Open a browser and navigate to .

Click the Run now box, download the program and then run it.

We suggest you chose the first option but it's up to you.

Select which option - probably Uninstalling ..

Mr. Fixit will now scan your Windows Registry and be patient, this can take some time.

If it locates MyCourts program you will see:

and if it didn't you will need to select:

If you selected "Not Listed" then you will need to enter the following code into the next window:


You then need to select "Next" and Mr. Fixit will remove MyCourts for you so that you can then install the new version.