MyCourts requires maintenance just like any other database and/or web based service. This maintenance includes packing the database to remove unused space and/or expired or obsolete data as well as clearing old logs of obsolete records. Much of this maintenance is performed in the early hours of the morning by an automatic service named MCService that runs on your computer in the background. You should never stop or disable this service as your MyCourts performance will eventually grind to a halt.

There are some actions that cannot be performed automatically and one of them is the MyCourts Maintenance program.

Just click the tile and Maintenance will be performed automatically.

Please note:
  • the program can take a minute or two to load as it will need to stop MyCourts, the Online Service etc.
  • the program can take a few minutes to complete depending how much data you are storing in your database.
We strongly recommend running this program at least fortnightly.