MyCourts Registry Settings

WARNING: Changing the Registry settings on any computer can be dangerous and may cause your computer to malfunction or even become unusable. Please follow all instructions carefully and seek advice from support if in any doubt whatsoever. Changes are not saved and cannot be undone.

There may be occasions when there is no other alternative other than to manually edit the Windows Registry to fix an issue after a computer crash or breakdown. In those cases please seek prior help from MyCourts Support and if requested, follow the instructions contained within this KB article carefully.

To access the Windows Registry, go to Start -> Run and type in "regedit" :

That will open the registry editor. You now need to navigate to the MyCourts registry settings:

As you will see, the location of the databases and other computer specific data is stored here in various items called 'keys'.

It is possible to edit the data by double clicking the key's Name:

You can also take various actions with the key by moving your mouse over it and then right clicking:

MyCourts Support will indicate to you what action to take to fix your particular issue.