Moving MyCourts Server to another Computer

Moving MyCourts Server to a new computer is not difficult and can be easily achieved by following the steps below. Please read all the steps so you understand the process before commencing the transfer.

If you have a current Support Contract then it is imperative that you contact us before you undertake the transfer. The reason for this is that you may have had upgrades installed on your present installation by the support team that are not included in the current or your present installation package. These updates will need to be installed on your new machine before MyCourts will work correctly on your new machine..
NOTE: You cannot upgrade to a new version of MyCourts on your new computer. If you wish to upgrade then either do it before you transfer from the old computer or upgrade after transferring. You must install and transfer the same version of MyCourts that you are currently using. Double check to ensure that you have a full backup of your "old" installation before changing over.
  1. First of all, stop running MyCourts on the old computer. You must then stop the Windows Services named MCService and MCDBService. MCDBService hosts the database connections as well as advertises the location of the MyCourts database on your LAN so if the new computer is connected to the same LAN as the old computer, the new installation will use the old database and this is not what you want to happen..
  2. Using the version of the MyCourts installation program you previously downloaded and are using now, install MyCourts on the new computer. If MyCourts was previously installed on the new computer, you will need to have your current registration code handy as MyCourts Installer will need that code. This will create the necessary Registry entries etc
  3. Test the new installation of MyCourts on the new computer to make sure it is working OK. Run the Check for Updates and install any updates that apply to the version that you just installed. Do not update the new installation to a version greater than your current version.
  4. If step 3 has been successful, copy the database from the old computer to the new computer. You do this by copying all files and directories on your old installation's database directory to the new computer's MyCourts database directory. First, rename your new machines database directory from ../MyCourts//Resources to ../MyCourts/Resources.New. Then copy the old machines ../MyCourts//Resources directory to the new machines ../MyCourts/Resources directory. If you are unsure as to where the database files are located, refer to the KB article in this same folder.
  5. Check to ensure the new installation is working satisfactorily.
  6. On the new computer, enter your Registration Code when requested and complete the licence installation wizard process if this was not completed when you installed MyCourts in step 2.
  7. Finally, and after checking MyCourts is working on the new machine, remove the MyCourts installation from your old machine and reconnect that machine it to your network if desired.