Calculate Hire Fees and Charges in special circumstances

MyCourts allows you to configure the rates that will apply for each hire period according to the hirer's membership category, if they are a casual hirer, the time of day etc. There may however be times when you want to charge in a different manner altogether.

There are various ways of setting up MyCourts to handle your booking fee calculations and the following information may assist with how you use MyCourts to best advantage.

One of our clients has created a inventory item called 'Discount' and set the amount at -$1.00 . At the time of paying for the booking the staff are authorised to give a discount of say $5 so they just select 5  of these items. The end result is a $5 discount of the bill.

Similar to discounts, you could have a "basic rate" and then create an item for 'Extra Player' and say make it $2.00 . Then if there were 3 extra players you just select 3 items and they would be charged the "basic rate" plus $6.00 .

Total Control:
We have one client who has set each period booking fee to Nil and then selects various items to make up the bill at payment time!

Weekly Payments:
For reservations spanning several weeks, you can charge that weeks calculated charge at the time of play. The easiest way is to classify the full reservation as an Unconfirmed Reservation Only. When they come in to use the facility, click on the reservation in the facility window and MyCourts will calculate that weeks payment for you when you click on the Pay Now button.