Updates to MyCourts are published frequently. Full updates and versions are available for download via the Support as well as Main web sites.

To update MyCourts, download the trial program from our website and save it to your computer. Then run the trial download program on each machine that you have installed MyCourts on. You should always start with the computer that you have designated as the server machine if you are networking MyCourts.

Smart Updates

Interim updates are always available via MCManager - Check for Updates. This system will download only the components that have been updated since you last checked. This system is much faster than a full update.

You should note the following.....

The full trial update method will uninstall your current version and then install the latest version. The update will not replace your database ensuring that your valuable data is always protected. We always recommend however that you do a manual backup prior to making your upgrade however MyCourts will also do a backup for added protection.

The online web service is not automatically restarted when you do an upgrade. This is to protect your system from accidental publishing of your facilities etc on the internet. You will therefor need to re-start the web server software manually via MyCourts Administrator.