Removing the database

MyCourts will never delete the database, even when you uninstall MyCourts. This is intended to prevent accidental loss of your most precious data.

You can manually delete the database by navigating to the directory that holds it and delete it.

If you installed MyCourts on Windows XP for the use of 'All Users' then the database will be located at 'c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\aquarius communications\mycourts\resources". If you installed it for your use only then you will need to substitute ' all users ' in that path to whatever your user name is.

This is a 'hidden directory' and you may not be able to navigate to or view it using Windows Explorer unless you have configured explorer to allow you to view hidden files and directories. To enable you to view those directories, Open Explorer (assuming you are using Windows XP), click on Tools -> Folder Options -> View and under 'Files and Folders' you will see a radio button selection. Select the 'Show hidden files and folders' option. Please also note that MS Search will not show hidden files and directories in it's search results unless you enable the viewing option.

The directory will hold at least two files - mycourts.log and mycourts.vdb3 . mycourts.vdb3 (or mycourts.sdf for pre-Version 8 users)  is the database file and mycourts.log is the log file. The database name has changed to mycourts.vdb4 from version 8.4 on.

If you are experiencing problems with MyCourts, we would appreciate your sending us, via email, at least the mycourts.log file and also the mycourts.vdb3 files for our attention so we may try to find the cause of the problem. Therefor, instead of deleting the files you may wish to move them to a temporary directory until you can send them to us.