Installing on a Machine without Internet Access

MyCourts and it's prerequisite files are available only on the internet so you will need to download these files on a computer with internet access and then copy them to the computer you wish to install it on. Please note that MyCourts Web Interface and automatic updates will not function on a non-internet connected computer.

To install MyCourts on a computer that does not have it's own internet access you will need to follow these steps:
  • Create a folder for the MyCourts Install files somewhere on the computer you are installing MyCourts on eg: MCInstall.
  • Download the latest version of MyCourts and copy to MCInstall.
  • Download the latest Pos for .Net file and copy to MCInstall.
  • Install MyCourts from the MCInstall folder on the computer you wish to install MyCourts by clicking on MyCourts.exe.