Purchasing a Subscription Licence to use MyCourts

When you purchase a subscription to MyCourts, Aquarius Communications grants you a licence to use MyCourts. This means that you can use MyCourts for as long as the subscription is kept up-to-date.

All users are granted a 30 day period in which you can ensure that MyCourts meets all your requirements and operates to your satisfaction. If you need more time to evaluate MyCourts please contact us for an extension.

Once you are satisfied that MyCourts suits your requirements you may select and purchase a licence by navigating to our website at http://www.mycourts.com.au/purchase.aspx and clicking on the appropriate button.

Whilst your subscription is current, MyCourts comes with free support and upgrades.

Please note that as we grant you a 30 day free trial period to fully evaluate MyCourts, refunds are not generally available.