Reservations Policy

Reservation Policy allows you to create conditions that must be complied with before a reservation is accepted for processing. These conditions are in addition to other requirements that you can set elsewhere and are intended to compliment those requirements and not replace them.

When this function is enabled, MyCourts will check each enabled Policy and if any one of the Policies is not met then a message will be presented to either the staff member or the online web user informing them of why MyCourts cannot proceed with making the reservation. If you have allowed the staff member to override the policy, the staff member can elect to continue with the reservation in the normal manner. In the case of an online web user, they will need to modify the reservation request and try again. In the case of an offline web user they will receive an email advising them of why the reservation cannot be recorded.

When you are in Reservations Policy in MyCourts Administrator, press F1 or click the Help button for more detailed explanations of policy.