Recording Player Information

The current Covid-19 Pandemic has highlighted the need for everyone to keep a record of who they have come into contact with. This is particularly important when contacts are not normally closely involved within family circles.

MyCourts makes it easy to keep a record of the players when the member makes their booking online. They can also update the information as and when required online.

The following steps are required to implement this function:

Open MyCourts Administrator to the following screen:

The number of players that a member can enter into MyCourts can be selected from 1 to 4. Selecting only one will mean that the only player you will record is the hirer themselves. The Minimum number defaults to one and therefor no other player details are required.
If you select 2,3 or 4 as the Minimum then the hirer will  not be able to make the reservation unless they complete the required information. For example:

When 2 players are specified, the second player's information must be entered.

There will be occasions when the hirer may not be aware of the additional player's details at the time of making the booking. Similarly, they may decide to change the players between the time of the booking being made and played. 

To enable this, in MyCourts Administrator, navigate to the following page:

You will need to enable members to see their own Reservations page as well as allow them to update the players information. If you do then your members will be able to update the information online whenever they need to:

Console Operators of MyCourts will be presented with the ability to enter player's details when they make the booking. Console operators will be able to disregard entering the other player's details and we leave that action to Club Management to manage as required.