Windows Services used by MyCourts

MyCourts utilises two Windows Services to maintain and provide access to the MyCourts Database engine and associated services. These Windows Services must be running for you to use MyCourts on your computer/network as well as provide web access for your users.

The two Services are MCDBService and MCService:

The MCDBService manages your MyCourts database engine which in turn provides access to the database by the various programs making up the MyCourts suit of programs.

The MCService manages the database maintenance as well as reminders, periodic processing tasks etc.

Both services are set to start automatically when your computer starts. The MCDBService service will at least once per day be temporarily stopped so that the MCService can optimize the database. This usually occurs at around 4 am but may be invoked at computer startup if the maintenance was not performed at the set time for any reason.

You may start these services manually if for any reason they are not running.