FTP Connection Problems | Offline Web Interface Only

Unfortunately not allweb servers (or ftp servers) have the same configuration or access standards.They can vary from Apache to IIS as well as individual configurations by ISP's.

If you cannot get MyCourts to connect to your ftp account, check the following:

If you don't have a separate FTP Login account for MyCourts (and this is the preferred option) then MyCourts is probably connecting to the root directory for your account/service and NOT the web server. This is typically the case on Apache web servers. If you have created a directory called 'bookings' branching of your web directory and your web directory is called 'httpdocs' then you will need to enter'/httpdocs/bookings' as your ftp directory in MyCourts.

Also, for MyCourts to test the connection you MUST have at least one file located in the 'bookings' directory. This can be any file you like and need only be very small in size. So make sure you test your ftp connection using your favourite ftp program and upload a small file to the 'bookings' directory before configuring MyCourts Web Interface.

Don't forget to check MyCourts log file. Check it out at Tools -> Logging and have a look towards the end of the log file for any errors in regards to the FTP failure. The reason your connection failed should be recorded there.